Accesorios para soldadura a tope y soldadura por encastre de PE

La flexibilidad del HDPE, combinada con el uso de fusión por calor para unir la tubería, significa que se requieren menos accesorios. La tubería de HDPE unida con fusión por calor proporciona conexiones sin fugas.

Instalación y prueba

Hot melt butt installation:

①Clean the heating plate, set the heating temperature to 220+10℃, and keep it warm for ten minutes

②Fix the pipes to be welded (pipe fittings)

③ Use a milling cutter to mill the end face of the pipe (pipe fitting)

④Check the coaxiality of the pipe

⑤Butt the pipe and the pipe, keep the pressure for 15 minutes, until the pipe is cooled

⑥The pipe and the heating plate collide with each other, forming a flanging around the pipe, the pressure drops to 0, and it starts to absorb heat, and the time is 10-12 times the wall thickness

Electrofusion installation:

① Before welding, select the appropriate welding voltage according to the marking parameters on the pipe fittings, the voltages are 220V and 380V

②Clean the pipe

③Identification insertion length

④Scrape off the oxide layer

⑤Clean the pipe